sonia afonso

Photo by Marta Parada

Twelve years ago, I quit my job  to become a travelling expat. So far, my husband and I have lived in Switzerland, Sweden, Japan and Norway. We’re currently living in Chicago, USA, with our two boys.

Because of my husband’s job, we move every three years, so getting a typical 9-5 job isn’t an easy task. But I love moving, love embracing new cultures, meeting new people and most importantly being with my family. So I decided to find something I could do wherever we moved.

In order to do that I threw myself into every culture we experienced. I learned every language – German, Swedish, Japanese and Norwegian.

I volunteered at Unicef, started taking pictures and began blogging. My picture blog in Stockholm was called Unknown Moment, and my fashion one was called Trophy Jacket. I took photography courses, held an exhibition in Tokyo, held workshops and exhibitions during our vacations in our home country of Portugal, and completed a web design course in Tokyo.

I took the web design course with a friend, because I wanted to design my own blog, a new project called Out and About Tokyo.

From there I discovered a new world – digital design as 'art'! That has opened so many possibilities for me to share my photography  and design skills.

I am passionate about everything that is crafted, including design, fashion, photography and perfumes. I love the creative process involved in the creation, the unique results and the stories behind them. For me, all the photos I take are memorable pieces with a story.

Music makes my heart sing, as does working with my hands, giving back, and my family and friends. All of these things have a great impact on my mood, creative process and wellbeing.



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